So you realized you need a good coffee grinder for your french press coffee maker? Here’s how to pick the best coffee grinder for French-Press to help you brew the best cup of joe.

Our top 5 Coffee Grinders for French Press

All the information about how to buy a coffee grinder for a french press coffee maker is further below. If you are here only for our list of coffee grinders – check out this list.




Baratza Virtuoso PlusConical Burr Coffee Grinder with Digital Timer Display
Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder
Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
Baratza Vario Flat Burr Coffee Grinder
Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder
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A French press is known for its ability to make a rich, smooth cup of coffee that contains bold flavor and an aroma to die for. However, the taste will only be as good as the coffee beans you put in it. 

In fact, the taste of your coffee is not determined just by the type of beans you use but also by your grinding and dosing skills.


Grinding Coffee for a French Press 

When grinding coffee for a French press, a medium-fine grind is ideal. If you grind it too coarsely, the grinds will be too big, settle at the bottom, and make your coffee under-extracted. On the other hand, The coffee will pass through the mesh filter and get your plunger stuck if you grind it too finely. 

So you can’t just go by the appearance of the grounds. You need to buy preground coffee for a french press, or get yourself a coffee grinder and grind your perfect specialty coffee to the optimal grind size for a flawless french press coffee. 


How Fine Should I Grind Coffee Beans for French Press? 

So, how fine should you grind coffee beans for the french press? As I mentioned earlier, you’re looking for a medium-fine grind. The coffee grounds for a French press are a bit coarser than the grinds for an espresso machine. 

So, is medium grind OK for French press? My best advice would be to use trial and error with your coffee grinder until you get the perfect coffee for your personal preferences. While exploring your coffee grinder and french press coffee maker, remember this: 

  • If your coffee is under-extracted – You either used too-coarse coffee grounds, or you might need a reminder on how to use a french press coffee maker
  • If your plunger feels stuck, your coffee grounds are too fine and stuck between the plunger and the carafe body. 
  • If your coffee is over extracts – Your coffee grounds are probably too fine. Over-extracted coffee grounds will taste bitter, hollow, and untrackable.


How to Choose The Right Grinder For Your french press coffee maker?

A coffee grinder is an essential part of making your coffee. It gives you the ability to have a finer grind that is perfect for brewing coffee in a french press.

Blade grinders – The most common coffee grinders are blade grinders which use metal blades to chop up the beans into smaller pieces. These are usually less expensive and easier to clean than burr grinders. However, they can produce uneven grounds and are not as powerful.

Burr Grinders – Burr Grinders use two rotating disks with sharp teeth that crush the beans between them. These grinders can be costly but produce even grounds, have less static, and provide more consistent results.


The 5 Best Burr Grinders for French Presses 

Baratza Virtuoso PlusConical Burr Coffee Grinder with Digital Timer Display

Best overall features: Baratza is Amazon's choice for coffee grinding with conical burr. The product is mainly available in black, with metal being the primary material. It has an automatic system and lightweight mass, making it one of the most convenient and efficient equipment. It has received world-class support from coffee professionals around the world.

This is among the Best Burr Grinders for French Presses because it has a digital timer and a backlit grounds bin. You can set this 40-second timer accurately up to the tenth of a second. The style of the product is top-notch, hence providing an excellent reputation to the brand. It is also included with a warranty of quality parts.

Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder

Best budget-friendly coffee grinder: The Bistro Bodum Burr Coffee Grinder is a consistent crusher because of its stainless steel-material conical burrs. It also helps preserve the intrinsic aroma and flavor that is much better than some blade grinders. It features a push-button with a preset timer that can help you grind the coffee to the precise level of your preference.

There are 12 available ground settings for this Burr coffee grinder that you can adjust anytime. It is equipped with a standard friction clutch that senses the possibility of small "stones". It can hold coffee beans measuring up to 7.75 ounces, which is ideal for offices and households. It also has the capability of catching leaks and the like.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Best value for money: The Encore Baratza Conical burr grinder is an award-winning grinder preferred by coffee enthusiasts in black or white colors. This coffee grinder is convenient due to its switch button, making it user-friendly and easy to grind. Bear in mind that its 40 grind settings may be overwhelming for beginners.

The Encore Baratza suits a wide range of brewing methods. This burr coffee grinder is the best if you're looking for the finest equipment with complete services without minding the budget.

Baratza Vario Flat Burr Coffee Grinder

For any brewing style: This is another in-demand burr coffee grinder from Baratze because of its whopping 230 grind settings. You can use it to try different brewing methods because it has exceptional quality for your office, home, and even commercial uses.


Baratza Flat Vario Burr Coffee Grinder is known for its high-quality performance providing a sharp built-in timer for accuracy and efficiency. This grinder has a portafilter holder that is entirely made of metal and heavy-duty so that you can expect excellent quality.

Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

Best choice for espresso: If you're buying a burr coffee grinder just to have an espresso, you might as well buy the best one for that specific method. As you may know, Rancilio Rocky is the best when it comes to commercial-grade grinding quality that is measured at 50mm. It is a simple grinder with adjustment control for your shooting steps and other customization.

The item weighs 15.1 pounds, so it is ideal to stay at home or the office. The color variations are black and silver, with the stainless steel used as the primary material.

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press – Final thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article on choosing the best coffee grinder for French press coffee makers. If you’re looking for the best grinder for French press, the vital thing to look for is the grind consistency. 

A good grinder should be able to grind beans to a fine or medium texture, although some models offer a coarser grind. You also want to go for a grinder with various grind settings. This way, you’ll be able to experiment with different grind levels and find the one that tastes best for you.