Affogato is an easy-to-make, classic Italian dessert. The best part about this Affogato Recipe is that it will not take much time to prepare and you can enjoy the delicious Italian taste at home.

The word “Affogato” in Italian means: to drown, as it consists of drowning an ice cream in a cup of coffee. Part of the unique experience of having an Affogato is watching the cup of Espresso melting the ice cream and creating a thick foam on top. If you’re curious about it, you can try this simple Affogato Recipe at home:

Preparation Time: 2min | Cooking Time: 2mins | Total Time: 4mins | Yield: 1 serving/cup



  • Quality Ice Cream or Vanilla Gelato. Finding an excellent ice cream will add a spark to your affogato. If you can’t get a good quality ice cream, you can replace it with vanilla gelato and blend it with other flavors such as hazelnut.
  • Two shots of Espresso. In this part, you can easily brew your favorite shot of Espresso at home or do it with an espresso machine. There are also other types of brewing methods that you can use for alternative reasons, such as making double-strength coffee.
  • Amaretto. This ingredient is optional and may not be included in this espresso recipe. Though, it would be nice if you currently have an amaretto, as it will add an effect of almond nuance.
  • Chocolate Shavings. This ingredient is also optional because it will only be used for toppings. But if you have some, why not? This will definitely add a texture to your affogato. You can try different toppings as you like.


Nutrition Facts:

Calories 278| Calories from fat 135 | Carbs 32g | Fats 15g | Protein 5g | Sodium 114mg | Sugar 28g


Affogato Recipe Instructions:

Step 1: Put 2 scoops of vanilla gelato or quality ice cream in a bowl or into a glass using an ice cream scooper. If you have no ice cream scooper, feel free to use a spoon, but put four scoops instead – and try not to lose the texture.

Step 2: Add chocolate shavings or the toppings of your liking. For alternatives, you can use biscottis or crushed cookies, candied or toasted nuts, chocolate candies, chopped pistachios, and/or espresso beans covered in chocolate.

Step 3: Pour your double shot espresso into the serving cup or glass and serve immediately. If you are worried about the type of Espresso to use, you can simply use the light-medium roast. Or, if you’re not into caffeine, you can use a decaf instead.

Homemade Affogato Recipe -
Homemade Affogato Recipe –

Serving Your Affogato

If you are doing this affogato recipe for a special someone, family, or guests, you can use these simple tips to ensure that they’ll love it.

  • Serve your affogato in clear glass with a spoon to complete the presentation. The person you’re serving will be able to enjoy the ice cream melt.
  • You can choose to chill the ice cream in the serving cup while you brew the Espresso. This will prevent melting and ensure that the food is served fresh.
  • For groups of more than two people, it is preferable to prepare two double shots of Espresso rather than one single shot of Espresso. It’s a lot quicker and less complicated to make.


A classic Affogato Recipe – final thoughts.

Affogato is a dessert that with easy instruction and delicious taste. It comes from the Italian concept of “drown” because it includes drowning an ice cream in a cup of coffee. It is a straightforward dessert, but Italian people love looking at the simple things in life.

I hope you enjoy this Affogato recipe. Please visit our recipe section for more easy recipes with Espresso.

Homemade Affogato Recipe - A classic super easy Italian Dessert for espresso lovers
Homemade Affogato Recipe – A classic super easy Italian Dessert for espresso lovers