Buying an espresso machine can be expensive, so you might wonder: are espresso coffee machines worth it?

Well, if you are an espresso fan, the answer will probably be: yes.  It’s an eco-friendly choice that will also save you money without compromising the quality of your coffee.

There are lots out there to choose from nowadays, but let’s take a deeper look at espresso machines to hopefully help you decide whether you get one or not.

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Is Getting an Espresso Machine Worth The Cost And Maintenance?

If you drink coffee regularly and spend a lot of money buying espressos at coffee shops. It could definitely be worth it for you to get your own machine.

Only you know whether an espresso machine would be valuable for your life. Most high-quality espresso machines do not require much maintenance, and the initial setup is usually pretty simple. Still, if you enjoy the highest-quality coffee, I would say it could be worth it for your lifestyle and might even save you some money in the long run.

Does An Espresso Machine Save You Money?

You really need to think about the long-term situation. Figure out how many coffees you buy monthly and determine how much money that is. Over time, an espresso machine could save you money if you are an avid drinker. Apart from the initial cost, the only things you MIGHT need to pay for are occasional maintenance and spare parts if there are any problems with your machine.

In short – yes: If you buy coffee regularly in coffee shops, an espresso machine could definitely save you money.

Does An Espresso Machine Save You Money
An Espresso machine can save you money

What Are The Benefits Of Owning An Espresso Machine?

  • Espresso machines are easy to use and potentially become your new favorite kitchen accessory.
  • They are super convenient because they allow you to enjoy a full-flavored rich coffee from the comfort of your own home.
  • If you enjoy hosting friends and family, being able to make high-quality coffee for them is a significant benefit. It would help make you the perfect host.
  • Many espresso machines allow you to make different types of coffees, and there are loads of exciting features too.

What Are The Downsides To Getting An Espresso Machine?

  • There are many coffee machines out there, and it’s hard to pick the one for you. Check reviews to ensure that you are getting a good product that is a hit with customers.
  • The initial cost is the only other downside of an espresso machine and some possible maintenance if you have any problems with the product.

Buying Your Own Espresso Machine

There are so many different types of espresso machines out there. When shopping for your own, it might seem overwhelming to know what to look out for in your decision process. Here are some things you need to remember when shopping for your own espresso machine.

1 – Price

Good quality espresso machines cost anywhere from $500, but some higher-end ones are very expensive. If you try and get one for cheaper than that, be aware that you could be sacrificing quality.

We all have our budget limitations. If you’re about to invest in an espresso machine, choosing a model that fits your needs and lasts for years, even if it’s a bit over budget, might pay off.

2 – Features

Consider what feature requirements are important to you in an espresso machine, and shop for a model that suits your needs.

For example, some espresso makers have timers so that it switches on and get your coffee brewed before you wake up. How awesome is that? More features usually cost more, so consider what is on your checklist.

3 – Aesthetics

When shopping for an espresso machine that will likely be in your kitchen on display regularly. So the appearance of that machine is something to consider.

You probably want to choose a model that matches the rest of your kitchen in terms of color and style. Some genuinely sleek espresso machines out there look super stylish (have you seen SMEG espresso machines?), or you could choose one that is more colorful and out there if that is more your vibe.

Should I Get An Espresso Machine Or a Coffee Maker?

You might be wondering whether you should get a coffee machine or an espresso maker and what really is the difference between the two.

An espresso machine allows you to steam milk and brew freshly made coffee.

A coffee maker is similar, but the coffee is made differently and is usually not as good quality. For that reason, a coffee maker is almost always cheaper.

If you are wondering if espresso machines are worth it? The answer is yes, especially considering their range of features compared to standard coffee machines.

What Kinds Of Espresso Machines Are There?

You can divide espresso machines into 2 categories. Let’s take a look at them so you can understand the differences between them.

1 – Steam-driven machines

These are simple espresso machines and are definitely not as popular as they used to be. They are easy to use and maintain but do not have as many features as other machines.

In these models, water is brought to a boil from an airtight tank, creating the steam, which is then used to make an espresso.

2 – Lever-driven machines

You are most likely to find the lever espresso machines in coffee shops, and they can also be bought for use at home.

You can get manual-loaded and spring-loaded espresso machines. As the lever goes up and down, water enters, and the espresso is extracted. Levers give more control over the type of coffee that you are making. For example, certain coffees will require longer pre-infusion to get maximum flavor. These espresso machines are trendy and could be worth investing in.

3 – Pump-driven machines

Last but not least is pump-driven espresso machines. These have been around for a long time and largely dominate the market. An electric pump is used to push pre-heated water through the brew chamber and into the coffee. It is easy to consistently get high pressure with these machines, and the coffee is also high-quality.

What Kind Of Espresso Machine Should You Get?

There are pros and cons to all of the different types of coffee machines that are available. The best model differs for each person, but make sure you are going for quite a well-known brand. Reading customer reviews is also essential to find the model that matches your needs.

Always keep in mind what you are really looking for and your budget.

Can You Make Good Espresso With a Cheap Machine?

You often get what you pay for with this kind of thing, but it depends on your budget and personal taste.

Budget espresso machines can create espressos, but they are not likely to be as good as premium models.

And yes, you could make an espresso-like coffee in a drip coffee machine. Still, it will not be as good as you would get from a real espresso machine, with the perfect pressure and features these high-end machines have.

Is Getting An Expensive Espresso Machine Worth It?

When making a big purchase, you will want to know if the espresso machine is worth it.

Some so many people spend vast amounts at coffee shops without even thinking about the cost over a year. The truth is that if you get a coffee from these establishments a few times a week, the espresso machine will pay for itself within around a year, or even less. So, an espresso machine is worth it before considering other benefits. Remember, there is no reason why a high-quality espresso machine cannot last you for many years.

However, you should also remember that your machine will need regular cleaning and perhaps some routine maintenance/spare parts.

Are Espresso Machines Worth It? Final Thoughts

By now, I am sure you can see that espresso machines are worth it if you are a regular coffee drinker and a fan of good-quality coffee.

Do you really enjoy excellent coffee but want the convenience of brewing yourself one from the comfort of your home? In that case, you should definitely consider it as an espresso machine.

There are endless models to consider, so focus on your requirements and budget, and read customer reviews before choosing the one for you.

Sometimes it pays off to go a bit over budget and get a machine you can still afford but will last for years doing a great job. To cut costs as much as possible, consider getting a coffee machine when there is a special discount at a specific retailer or even during black Friday sales.