Coffee is considered one of the most popular beverages consumed around the world. People commonly discard coffee grounds left after it is already brewed. Surprisingly speaking, you can recycle used coffee grounds and enjoy its benefits. 

If you grind your own coffee beans or use espresso pods, you too can enjoy the benefits of recycling coffee grounds. Whether you are an individual, a coffee chain, or an independent cafe -now is the time to learn about recycling used coffee.

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What Can You Use Your Coffee Ground For?

It doesn’t matter how you’re making coffee for as long as you know where the coffee grounds are creatively going. Instead of just throwing used coffee grounds inside the trash can, it is best to consider what you can use your coffee grounds for. From increasing garden growth to furniture fixing, there are some exciting ways you can make use of these coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds as a fertilizer

Coffee grounds are perfect in the morning, not only for you but also for your plants. Recycled coffee grounds contain many benefits and are perfect for the soil.

Coffee grounds as Fertilizer can make your home and garden plants fresh, especially as a fertilizer for grass and basil plants.

Skin Care Product

Do you want to keep your skin fresh, healthy, and young? If yes, adding recycled coffee grounds as part of your skincare routine can respond to your needs. These days men and women aim to revitalize their skin, making them appear younger and healthy-looking. Well, coffee grounds can be a skincare rub, mask, and oil that will make you feel better and healthier. 

Natural and Healthy Pesticide

Are you worried about insects in your house? Well-recycled coffee grounds can be a healthy and natural pesticide that would help you eliminate insects inside your home. 

It can be used as a natural pesticide against insects, especially ants and cockroaches.

Art Materials

Coffee grounds can also be used as an art material. Its color and quality can add a unique and creative appearance to your artwork. Hence, kids love using coffee grounds every time they create their artwork at home or even in school.

These are only examples of the benefits of used coffee grounds. Keep these ideas in mind while drinking your coffee and see what uses are best for your household or business. 

Benefits of Recycling Used Coffee Grounds

Is there really a need for you to recycle used coffee grounds? If you are a recycling-enthusiast coffee lover, you must have been looking for ways to reuse or recycle your coffee grounds. 

Recycling used coffee grounds is good for the environment and can also be good for you, your family, or your business. Here are some examples.

Stop buying Garden Fertilizer.

Coffee grounds are a good nitrogen source needed by most acidophilic types of plants, vegetables, flowers, and fruit. You can also directly use it on rhododendrons, azaleas, and roses. Vegetables and fruits which can also benefit from coffee grounds include blueberries, tomatoes, and spinach. You can also add coffee grounds to carrots sowing. Doing this will help you acquire a better quality of carrots and keep carrots clean from pest attacks.

Coffee grounds as a fertilizer
Coffee grounds as a fertilizer

Keep Your Home Smelling Good

Remove those unnecessary odors inside your house by using recycled coffee grounds and turning them into a home deodorant. Place a bowl of used coffee ground in a fridge or counter. This may effectively work as an absorbent of unpleasant odor in your house. You can also add recycled coffee grounds as components in your homemade cleaners when cleaning your home.

Refreshes Indoors

Coffee grounds can also be a fragrant alternative to your candles’ essential oils. Use these grounds to make scented coffee candles with a refreshing aroma. Damp recycled used coffee grounds can also be added when cleaning the fireplace. It can eventually decrease the dust coming from your fireplace while cleaning.

Coffee grounds are perfect for skincare routines

Recycled coffee grounds are also perfect to be part of your skincare routines. It can be used as a mask for exfoliating your skin. It possesses an antioxidant ability that will make your skin bright and fresh. You can also use coffee grounds to keep your beautiful hands fresh. Just scrub some used coffee grounds in both hands to remove any cleaning-product smell from them.

Coffee grounds can keep ants away.

Recycled coffee grounds can be a natural, healthy pesticide and keep ants away. Coffee grounds scents will keep colonies of ants away. Just sprinkle coffee grounds on spots where the ants come from. 

Have quality time with your kids using coffee grounds

Used coffee grounds can also be a safe and perfect art material for your kid’s craft project. You have endless artistic options with coffee grounds, which could be an excellent bond with your kids.

Apart from its color, you can also create a moldable dough that your kids can play with.

How to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds
How to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

Are Coffee Pods Environmentally Friendly?

Can coffee pods be recycled? What can I do with old coffee pods? These are questions I get a lot these days from people who are used to throwing their used grounds into the trash or worse: in the kitchen sink (big mistake. big. huge!).

Coffee pods are made from four materials, mainly aluminum, plastic, organic material in coffee ground form, and paper filter. All these materials can be separated, sorted, and recycled responsibly.

So yes, coffee pods can be recycled, and even coffee pods with non-recyclable labels can still be recycled to some extent using non-traditional and traditional methods.

If you decide not to recycle coffee pods, there are two methods that you can still choose. For people who don’t have the time to recycle coffee pods, you may seek the assistance of recycling centers closest to your place. You can also find coffee grounds recycling services that will do the recycling for you. 

How Do You Recycle Coffee Waste?

Are you aware of how to recycle coffee waste? To those new to this kind of endeavor, here are some of the best ways to recycle coffee grounds that you would really enjoy.

Creative cooking

Coffee is considered to be an excellent enhancer of food, and so as with coffee grounds. It can add some extra flavor to your meat marinades. It can also work as a meat tenderizer that you will definitely love. It can also add depth to some of your dishes, such as lamb or beef and chili. It also comes perfect for some desserts like biscotti and chocolate cakes.

Furniture Fixing

You can fix some wood scratches found in your furniture by using damp, recycled used coffee grounds. Let the coffee ground sit for about five to ten minutes before buffering the table with a clean and soft cloth. You may repeat the step if necessary to match the furniture’s darkness.

Odor Eliminator

Do you get a wave of nasty odor when you open your refrigerator? Fill a bowl of used coffee grounds and place it inside your refrigerator. With coffee grounds, foul odors will be eliminated in no time. This tip can also be applied in small areas in your house, car, or kitchen cabinets.

Recycling used coffee grounds – Conclusion.

There are many environmental benefits to recycling. When it comes to recycling coffee, you can actually reuse coffee grounds instead of buying expensive products.

Coffee grounds can be recycled into several practical items such as pesticides, compost, facial scrubs, etc. 

Reuse coffee grounds at home to save time, money, and effort with its benefits. By doing this, you are guaranteed to become an official eco-friendly coffee lover!