Miele is a premium, most exquisite espresso-machine brand that has been conquering the hearts of many espresso lovers worldwide in the past few decades. In this post, I’ll share everything you need to know about Miele espresso machines, what they are known for, their pros and cons, and much more.

Miele: high-end European espresso machine brand

Miele is a German company founded in 1899. Their first fully automatic built-in coffee maker line, launched in 1998, is manufactured in Romania. They’re known to perfect the brewing process with compact, durable, and functional espresso machines.

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The two types of Miele espresso machines

Depending on your kitchen style, Miele offers espresso lovers two types of espresso machines: their built-in and countertop models.

The Built-in Miele espresso machines – a stunning addition to your kitchen.

Built-in Miele models are fixed in a specific area in the kitchen, just like a built-in oven or dishwasher. This type of espresso machines is ideal for people moving to a new home or anyone willing to do some renovation work in their kitchen.

The installation process will require you to change your kitchen cabinets if you don’t have a kitchen set up for a built-in espresso machine. That being said, the addition of the built-in model to any kitchen makes the kitchen look stunning.

Every built-in coffee maker from Miele features an intuitive one-touch system. The one-touch system makes it easy for you or your kids to brew any type of coffee with just a touch of a button. I’m not suggesting your kids should drink coffee, but wouldn’t it be great if they could make you a perfect espresso?

The built-in automatic espresso machine allows you to brew a cup of coffee, an espresso, and other milk coffee beverages such as cappuccino or lattes.

Each beverage brewed from this machine is tasty and flavorful, so you are guaranteed to never get enough of it. It brews an inch-perfect cup each time, just the way you want it, thanks to Miele’s aromatic brewing system. The aromatic brewing system has been engineered to automatically determine the pre-brewing and brewing duration needed to make the perfect cup.

This type also features a custom profile system to meet the needs of every coffee lover in your home. This custom profile system is easy to program and allows up to 10 profiles. This option is great since each person in a family or home might not have the same coffee preference. With each profile, you can set the brewing temperature of your coffee, the amount of coffee, and the strength of the brew. And each time you come to the machine, all you need is to tap on your profile, and the espresso machine will automatically brew the coffee just as you like it.

One thing you will love about the built-in coffee makers from Miele is that they are plumbed. Therefore, you will not have to worry about refilling the tank. Also, when done brewing each cup of coffee, it will automatically rinse the brew lines and steam clean the milk lines. This means the machines automatically handle most of the cleaning, unlike other automatic coffee systems where you will be required to clean them.

The price range of this coffee maker should be anywhere between $3500 to $6,990. Yep – these built-in models are definitely not affordable espresso machines.

Miele Countertop espresso machines:

What if you don’t want to go through the stress of installing or replacing your kitchen cabinets just to install the built-in coffee maker? You might want to try out the countertop coffee makers from Miele. These countertop espresso makers are compact and should fit in most kitchens while adding an exquisite look to your kitchen, just like the built-in model.

Like the built-in model, the countertop type features a one-touch system, allowing you to select and brew your favorite coffee within the beverage menu. All you need to do is scroll through the beverage menu and then choose the coffee you want, and it should start to brew you a great cup of coffee.

The countertops come with a coffee bean compartment and a conical coffee grinder which allows you to grind any of your favorite coffee beans. For decaf lovers, you can quickly pour scopes of your decaf coffee compartment.

Each model comes with a controllable cup warmer, hosting up to two large cups. The controllable cup warmer can be turned on to warm up your cup or turned off to serve as a regular rack for your cup.

Unlike the built-in version from Miele, the countertop version comes with a water tank. This means you will have to refill the tank anytime it is empty, like any other countertop coffee maker.

Also, similar to the built-in type, the countertop features Miele’s Aromatic brewing system, ensuring that each cup brewed features all the right flavors, richness, and intensity.

In addition, each countertop model, except for the entry-level model (CM5310), allows you to customize various profiles to satisfy the coffee preferences of each person.

The features and complexities of each countertop model will determine its price. The price point of these coffee makers is moderately expensive, costing between $1399 to $5,500, making it less costly than high-end brands such as Jura. Also, there are more beverage options with the more expensive models, but they do not come with automatic descaling. All in all, they come with just the right amount of options for you to adjust the presetting to fit your espresso style.

Why You Might Love Miele Espresso Machines:

1. Attention To Details

The attention to detail on each Miele model is unarguably one of the best. It arguably beats most coffee makers you buy at any big store.

If you aren’t satisfied with the preset settings of the machine, you have the option of adjusting the settings just the way you want it. You can choose the texture of the grind of the coffee beans, the temperature of the brews, the amount of milk, and any other settings you can think of. After your preferences have been set, the aromatic brewing system will extract the flavor and taste from the coffee beans to give you a perfect cup each time.

Furthermore, the build of the machine is just right. Most of the body is metal, with some plastic sprinkled over certain parts. The metal build gives the Miele espresso machines an expensive look (they are pretty pricey). Each model is rigid and durable, so you shouldn’t expect it to break down soon. And the surprising part is, it isn’t as heavy as you might think. The color choices and finishing touches are exceptional, and each type and model looks exquisite.

2. Less Wasteful

Miele machines are fully automatic, so you can use the beans of your choice without disposable coffee pods or paper filters. This means you get to deal with less waste and save on buying coffee pods or paper filters.

3. Easy Maintenance

Whether built-in or the countertop, all of Miele’s espresso makers are easy to clean. The built-in model automatically lifts the weight off your shoulder by cleaning the brew lines and milk lines after each brew, so you know you have a clean machine for your next brew.

Countertop models will tell you whenever it needs to be cleaned. And certain parts, such as the brewing system, can be easily disintegrated from the machine and rinsed underwater. However, these machines will also automatically clean the milk and brew pipeworks after each brew.

One thing I love about Miele machines is that they dispense off used coffee grinds in dry compact rounds that can be easily disposed of without any hassle.

The drip trays have been constructed to prevent mess when disposing of the water inside.

Why You Might Not Love Miele Espresso Machines:

1. Price

Yes, these espresso machines are one of the most expensive brands out there, but they are worth the price. They are even more expensive than brands such as Delonghi and Breville.

2. You Might Have To Dispense The Drip Tray Often

Because the machine cleans the pipework before and after each brew, you can expect the drip tray to get filled up quickly, which means you will often have to dispose of it.

3. The Entry Level Models

I noticed that the entry-level models for both the built-in and countertop coffee makers lack a lot of functionality. For example, they do not come with user profiles or warming racks.

The more expensive models come with automatic cleaning features, but this isn’t the case in entry-level countertop models, like the C5530. This can be pretty annoying, and I think including these features in all their machines shouldn’t be an issue for this price tag.

That said, there shouldn’t be an actual call for concern with any of the Miele espresso machine models.

Miele espresso machines – conclusion

In conclusion, Miele Espresso Machines are a European high-end espresso machine brand. They are excellent if you can afford them. Still, they are long-lasting and designed to provide superior performance with the customer in mind.