“You call that coffee?!” was one of the cliches my Italian (born and raised) father used way too often. He just couldn’t understand why we preferred our (what he called ) “American coffee maker“.

We used to laugh at our old-fashioned dad and his Italian almost-religious coffee ceremonies. Still, as I grew older, I’ve learned to love and cherish my father’s espresso heritage and coffee culture in general.

My name is Adam Milani, and I’d like to invite you to join me as I explore coffee cultures around the world, coffee beans, and espresso machines. If you’re a coffee lover or just about to buy your first espresso machine, get yourself a double espresso and dig in. I hope you enjoy this blog and find it helpful.

Nowadays, I’m sticking with espresso-based drinks (no cream, no sugar, please). I just love the combination of taste and aroma.

As for my father? He had always used to brew his coffee using his beloved Bialetti macchinetta (Moka pot). He still uses the same one to date.

Adam Milani
Brooklyn, New York

Adam Milani - My (next) Espresso Machine
Adam Milani