The De’Longhi La-Specialista Arte Espresso Machine is one of the company’s recent espresso machine models. This article will look into the product’s pros and cons and product information. You can also expect a thorough review of the machine’s design, functionality, product taste, and other essential details you need when you’re considering buying the product.

De’Longhi La-Specialista Arte, in a glance

De’Longhi La-Specialista Arte – Product information
De’Longhi La-Specialista Arte EC9155MB
De’Longhi, Italy
14.37 x 11.22 x 15.87 inches
21.50 lbs
Pump Pressure:
15 Bars
Milk frother
Coffee Grinder
Conical Burr Grinder
Water Tank Capacity
1.5 L

DeLonghi La Specialista Arte

The Italian De'Longhi La Specialista Arte Espresso Machine was carefully designed to top the class standards. It has quiet and gentle processing and allows every user to personalize their drinks. This model also produces an excellent finish when it comes to latte arts.


  • It has an eight-setting grinder option that helps deliver a consistent dose of your preferred coffee.
  • You can personalize the coffee according to your taste as it offers three preset recipes.
  • You can ensure that the brewing consistency is stable because of its active temperature control.
  • Feel like an expert by efficiently producing silky smooth and velvety latte arts with Art Stream Wand.
  • Applicable even for beginners because of its ease of use and cleaning maintenance


  • You can find cheaper espresso machines. But it's definitely worth the price (IMHO).
  • This model is not for coffee pods, so it would be best to consider your preferences first.

De’Longhi La-Specialista Arte – Full Review

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De’Longhi espresso machines are perhaps one of the best-known Italian coffee machine manufacturers. They have been producing high-quality equipment since 1902 and continue to offer lots of new and advanced models. They helped pave the way for automated bean-to-cup machines and single-serve pod machines, now among the most popular coffee pieces of gear.

The Design

DeLonghi La Specialista Arte Espresso Machine can be considered the most compact La Specialista. It measures 14.37 x 11.22 x 15.87 inches, so you can easily find a good spot for it in your kitchen. The product weighs 21.50 lbs, which is also comfortable for an appliance sitting on your kitchen counter.

The material finish of La Specialista Arte is all about class. The body material consists of stainless steel and black plastic. The only available color is a matt metal with black, but who wouldn’t like a classy color that fits every interior palette?

In the front part of the machine, you will find two dials used to select your type of hot drink (long black, hot water, and espresso). The other one is to adjust the coffee dose level. The maximum cup height that you fit into the machine is 120 mm, which is why it is perfect for espresso coffees, but less so for a travel mug, which is about 200mm.

The machine’s removable 2.5-liter water tank holds 2.6 quarts, but there is no water filter for those who may need it. There is an integrated bean grinder on top of the coffee maker to the left, holding up to 0.55lb. You can choose from eight different grind settings by using a toggle underneath the bean hopper.

Overall, the design is top-notch with its classic and matt appearance. You can see that it was comprehensively thought, as it offers nothing but comfort to the users.


La Specialista Arte is straightforward to use, and even beginners will be able to use it. This espresso machine automatically gives a rich and thick crema on top of the coffee, which is a plus point. The coffee-making process also takes less time than other models: precisely 24 seconds to produce a high-quality intense coffee and smooth single/double shots.

This De’Longhi espresso machine offers three different temperature levels, with 165F as the hottest temperature for coffee. It also features a twin spout which enables you to make two espressos with the same consistency at the same time. In addition, it allows you to raise the cup closer to the spout for smaller cups.

La Specialista Arte can pour 35ml in a standard single espresso while 70ml in the double to talk about volume. If you don’t like these presets, you can easily set them up from 20-90ml (single espresso) to 50-180ml (double espresso). You can also set the ratio towards the long black and hot water.

Probably the highlight of this product is that espresso-making is quiet. It is, in fact, one of the most silent coffee machines out there. You can compare the noise to a refrigerator hum, with only 54dB during espresso making.

Overall, the functionality of this espresso machine is advanced and exceptional. You can rely on it even when you are busy as it produces coffee in a fast and gentle way. The steam wand of La Specialista Arte took only 45 seconds to fill a jug with hot texturized milk, which contains velvety and thick bubbles. It also doesn’t heat up in the exterior.

Milk Frothing Details

The milk frothing service of La Specialista Arte Espresso Machine is exceptional. You can feel like a professional through the My LatteArt Steam. It has a commercial-style wand that can remind you of expensive cafes. You can create perfect latte arts without needing professional experience.

You can freely design the style of your own latte according to your imagination, thanks to its powerful and precise milk frothing. Indeed, the Latte Art Wand of La Specialista Arte Espresso Machine will allow you to create a masterpiece in every coffee. Your partner and family will surely love the product.

The Conical Burr Grinder

As stated earlier, the coffee grinder of La Specialista Arte is a conical burr grinder. If you didn’t know, it is a commercial type of grinder for its consistent and high-end byproducts. The machine grinds and blends the coffee beans into your desired size, which is excellent when brewing espresso.

A conical burr grinder has ridges that mash the coffee. Burr Grinder Flat Plates have two similar and adjacent rings with beveled edges on one side. While the motor rotates the other burr, one burr remains stationary. Between the two burrs, the beans are pulverized into a consistent size. These two types of crushers are well-known for their versatility and high-performance standards.

Water Tank Details

The water tank that La Specialista Arte owns is removable and easy to pull, which allows easier cleaning. You can fill it up to 2.5 liters (2.6 quarts), creating between 10-20 cups depending on variation (latte, espresso, hot water). It is ideal for households as it doesn’t go empty quickly.

The water tank is located at the rear part of the coffee maker. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain a water filter, which is necessary for some. Aside from the water tank, you can ensure that other parts of La Specialista Arte are dishwasher safe. It also doesn’t need much cleaning maintenance as it doesn’t produce much splash.

The Taste of Espresso and Latte Drinks

At this point, it is not surprising to know that the espresso and latte produced by La Specialista Arte is one of the greatest. The drinks’ quality easily matches up with commercial models. Of course, the taste will depend on the coffee beans you use and how you customize the machine accordingly.

I’m sure you’ll feel like a professional barista when you create your espresso drinks quickly and accurately. The taste will also make you feel professional.

Every day is an adventure with La Specialista Arte. This espresso machine does the coffee-making process so accurately you can be assured it will create the perfect extraction for you. This way, after some time, you’ll discover your flavor palette and customize it according to your mood.

As stated earlier, this model is very gentle and compliant. And don’t forget the flawless, creamy, silky smooth, and velvety latte it makes. It also allows you to customize your own recipe for your partner and family. That is a super convenient way to make your coffee fast and well, each and every time.

What I Liked and Disliked in Using De’Longhi La-Specialista Arte

Upon testing the product, I’ve developed my personal opinions regarding this machine which you may find helpful. Feel free to use it as your basis or reference if you’re about to buy DeLonghi La Specialista Arte.

What I Liked…

The Consistency
Not every espresso machine is accurate enough to deliver the exact same drink over and over again. I especially like La Specialista Arte’s specialty and consistency in making different recipes. You can create a preset for yourself and just go with it every day. I find it very convenient and pleasant because it can share a sentimental feeling.

The Gentleness
Coffee makers don’t need to be rough in making drinks. Upon testing this machine by making a coffee, I immediately fell in love with how it processes. The burr grinder doesn’t create much noise, which is ideal for homes, offices, and places where you might need hot drinks. There is a certain feel of therapeutic comfort when I use this product.

The Neatness
I don’t easily let every espresso machine pass when it comes to neatness. But, De’Longhi La-Specialista Arte is the exception. This machine is surprisingly neat in making drinks. It doesn’t create much splash, perhaps because of the well-thought layout. That alone makes the product easy to maintain and clean.

The Design
When it comes to design, I can say that this is one of my favorite models created by De’Longhi. It looks more than it’s worth and price because of its metallic and matt look. It is classy and luxurious simultaneously, and it blends easily with almost every home interior design. Even though the color variation is limited to one, it’s still an excellent choice.

What I Disliked…

Some parts are still not dishwasher safe.
This one is actually understandable if I consider the layout of the machine. For me, though, when a product is dishwasher safe, it can make me feel less worried about it. Some parts of La Specialista Arte are still not dishwasher safe, which may be a bit annoying. When cleaning, you should look out for the basket, portafilter, and water tank parts.

De’Longhi La-Specialista: Final thoughts

De’Longhi La-Specialista Arte Espresso Machine is one of the current coffee makers with much potential in demand. The fact that it has a whopping eight-setting grinder option to ease the process of coffee is a great way to start. It also has preset recipe settings to personalize the coffee to your or your family’s preferences.

The dimension, weight, and material used are optimal and of excellent standards. So it is worth the price, which is not that high considering everything. This model can make you feel like a professional barista at home and regularly give your family the perfect espresso and latte. Besides, the machine’s processing is also exceptional and gentle. It is not distracting but, in fact, therapeutic to watch.

Overall, this product can be rated as a must-buy for its well-defined design. It can blend into your home, office, or other spaces without much adjustment. Even though it just comes in black & metal color, the machine is still perfect in its way.